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Mesenchymal Stem cells are cells that are immature  whom have the innate intelligence to activate the body’s healing mechanisms. They look for inflammation and degeneration in the body and turn on cells to heal- thus regenerative.



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About Us

Dr. John Batista has been practicing medicine since 1987. Dr. Batista attended Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Mass. He was named Scholar of the College at commencement and graduated with a B.A. in Psychology in 1980. He furthered his education at St. George’s University of Medicine and achieved his Doctor of Medicine in 1987. Dr. Batista then completed his residency training at University of Connecticut in 1990 and was Board Certified that same year.

Stem Cell Therapy at F.I.R.M.

Our Stem Cell therapy uses Stem Cells derived from umbilical and placenta tissue from New Life Regenerative Medicine in Lutz, FL.

These cells are extracted under harsh regulations from the FDA and are all FDA Registered.




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