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A diagnosis of a blown ACL, and torn meniscus meant surgery for me in 2014. The tissue was trimmed but it did little to alleviate the pain and swelling.In April of 2018 I decided to try stem cell therapy. One injection into my knee took away the pain and swelling within a few days. No down time, no physical therapy and back to enjoying life! I am living proof that it really works. Thank you so much for this medical miracle.

Patricia Ann Ritter

I am a 69 year old over weight, retired nurse. I injured my first knee in 2002. After multiple steroid injections, physical therapy, knee braces and increased pain meds, I got a partial knee replacement. My pain score never dropped below a 5.  In 2007, I fell down a flight of steps and injured the other knee. Then my orthopedic doctor told me that I was bone on bone and needed a full knee replacement.  I was using a cane and knee braces.  My pain score remained between a 7 and a 9. After ten years I was firmly addicted.

On January 5th, I decided to do stem cell injections in the right knee. After a LOT of research, I chose Dr. Batista at Florida Institute of Rejuvenate Medicine. It has been a little over 3 months since the injection. I have decreased my pain meds and the pain in my right knee where i received the injection is between a 0-3 and decreasing all the time. I am looking forward to getting the injection in to my left knee. I have told my friends, family and anyone that asks to choose stem cell over surgery and you won’t be sorry.

Brenda Whiteside

My name is Carole J West. I’m seventy seven years young. As I have gotten older I have experienced the usual aches and pains. The Orthopedic surgeon diagnosed bursitis in my right shoulder and tendonitis in my right ankle. Cortisone shots only gave me temporary relief. Physical therapy aggravated my shoulder. I had to quit water aerobics and my daily walking routine.

Then I heard about Florida Institute of Rejuvenate Medicine and the exciting results that Dr John Batista was achieving with Stem Cells. In February 2018, I received Stem Cell Therapy – it took all of ten minutes and was painless.

The results were amazing! By the next day, my shoulder felt so much better that I kept catching myself doing things that I haven’t done in months to years. I now have full use of my right arm! I no longer wake up in the night in pain from sleeping on my right side.

I started my walking routine an even have my golf swing back and can play golf again! I am very thankful to Dr Batista and his clinic. I wholeheartedly recommend Fl. Institute of Rejuvenate Medicine and it’s Stem Cell Therapy and will use it in the future if needed.

Carole J West